Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Bokeh - And Remembering Last Year

I just love bokeh and when I saw this holiday bokeh party over at a fun new blog I found (Life with my 3 Barbarians), I wanted to share this image from the yummy baking time of yester-year. I have been crazy busy with my photography business and life and have had very little time to bake. This is so sad for me. But alas, I have pictures to remember last year and hope that I can get to some baking again!

Thanks, Robyn, for the blog referral!


Robyn Lee said...

Anytime! Glad you liked her blog, and glad you linked up! Beautiful picture of course too! : )

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Beautiful baking and beautiful bokeh...I am so jealous!!!

Mindy said...

Beautiful picture and it is a great blog to follow!

Joni said...

love the bokeh but i am curious about those treats also.

Domain said...

Pentagon bokeh! Cool!



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