Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project 365, Week 12

March 22, 2010  - Our neighbor’s cherry tree peeking over our fence:cherry blossoms 3.22 3.23.10 d

March 23, 2010 – My oldest in my glasses..silly!

3.24.10 bud  March 24, 2010 – Our tree out in front of our house.  I can’t recall what kind it is. It was a stick when we moved in. Can anyone tell by this photo??doj 3.25.10 March 25, 2010 – The next few photos are of my lunch date with my hubby. I picked him up at work and we tried a new place to eat. firetruck 3.25.101 brian 3.25

March 25, 2010 – Handsome!magpie 3.25.10 March 25, 2010 : This is pretty yummy looking also! This was our dessert we split. It’s a carrot cake cookie sandwich. Delicious! I went home and made them that day…will share photos soon!

March 26, 2010 : My youngest. This highlights his eye injury of the day :(1 jack 3.26March 27, 2010  - Flowers from my hubby:  2010 03 27_5926

My youngest making chalk drawings in the back yard:

jack 3.27.10 j and pup 3.28.10

March 28, 2010: Top: our neighbors got a brand new tiny puppy!

Below: Our other neighbors had my hubby and I over for a glass of wine before they graciously watched our kiddos while we had our anniversary dinner out. This was all our kiddos, my hubby and my good friend Nancy having some pre-dinner fun.anniversary 3.28

March 28, 2010 : After dinner, we went to one of our favorite dessert venues. This was the cake case at Rick’s Dessert Diner. This time he got the better dessert, but they were both delicious!ricks case


March 28, 2010 – Our Dozen year anniversary :)

I hope you are having a great week!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Heart Faces "Dramatic B & W" Entry

2 david i heart faces

The theme at I Heart Faces this week is “Dramatic Black and White” and the guest photographer judge is Tara Whitney. I love Tara’s work and can’t wait to see all the entries and what photo she chooses. You've got to check out some of the shots over there, they are fantastic!

This is my entry. You'll recognize the photo from the last post, but I think that editing it in black and white really captured the "dramatic" part of the theme. He was, after all, being dramatic as can be.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hi Sweet Readers,
I took these photos a couple weeks ago. We here hanging out in the backyard and my older son was kickin' the soccer ball around. He was using a kickback to practice some shots. He likes things just right.

I was playing with different angles and love this shot.

Remember I said that he likes things just right? Apparently, things were not going just right for him at this point. He was, well, not too happy.

Yup, that dang ball was just not doing what he wanted it to do.

Ok, so here he decided to ham it up, I think. He saw a great opportunity for some fun with mom. So I just kept shooting and enjoying the shots...

I really love this one. His eyes are so beautiful. And that little boo-boo frown. He's still my baby, even though he is almost taller than I am!

And here he is trying to be bummed, but having way too much fun at it.

Still trying...

almost succeeding...

forget it, he couldn't help but crack.

Just stick a camera in their face and all things are solved!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rachel's Tiffany Cake

Hello Sweet Readers,

I don't think I have shared all these photos with you yet. I posted one in a 365 project post, so you may remember it.

I made this cake for my dear friend's birthday. She had a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" themed cocktail party for her 40th and wanted this cake. At first, she wanted little Tiffany cuppies, but later decided on this. It was the first large square cake I have done, and she loved it. We went back and forth over covering it with fondant or buttercream, and, in the end, decided that buttercream would taste the best. I wasn't sure how smooth I could get it, but I think it worked out pretty well! I did make the bow out of fondant and I love how it turned out. I wonder if anyone ate it?
I shot this while doing the cake. This is the crumb coat. The bottom layer was red velvet and vanilla buttercream and the top layer was Guiness chocolate with buttercream. Those are her two faves.
I actually had to get this cake done about a day and half sooner than I had planned. The day I made this, I got on a plane to be with my sweet momma. I missed the party for Rach, but hope this did an adequate job of taking my place.

I hope you like it. It was fun to do, really. Especially for such a great friend in celebration of her catching up to me in years. :) Well, almost.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project 365, Week 11

Hello Sweet Readers,

Here is the 11th installment of my 365 project. The photo above is on March 15th, of our Crabapple tree before it bloomed.

March 16th – The poppies you saw from yesterday’s post before their full bloom…
Lisa SmileyMarch 17 th. The photo above is of our mini rose vine blooming and a visitor. The photo below is of the boys after being trampled in their sleep by a leprechaun. They were eating food inspired by St. Patrick :)

The three photos below are of a fun little photo session I did with a couple friends on March 18th.
The photo below is my talented friend, Mindy. Beautiful, right? The photo above is her equally beautiful children.

This was the same day. It’s of another beautiful friend, Aimee, and her daughter. You know, both these gals are also just as beautiful on the inside. They have the love of Jesus in them and it shines right through.
These sweet  adorable guys below are sons of a couple gals in my bible study. I just got to meet them on the 19th and they were so sweet to pose for me!

Another beautiful dear friend. She is a mother of 9. Yes 9, and she has the composure of a saint. She is lovely, welcoming, calm, warm and very artistically gifted.

Remember the Crabapple tree from the 15th? It’s in full bloom now. Here it is on the 20th. Love love love the flowers it produces.

These shots are of my younger son at the playground while I was experimenting with angles.  Shot on the 21st.And with my hubby…
Also on the 21st. Lots going on. The photo above is my older son in the hole in the backyard that they have been digging with dad. Our yard is actually landscaped, but this area used to have a Little Tykes structure on it. Since the boys are older, and no longer need the structure, they have devised some secret plan with dad that includes a whole large enough to fit my 9 year old. Should I be afraid?!

This is my 9 year old running, racing. He was trying out for Select Soccer over the weekend. He made it! Yeah! We are so proud of him. He tried so hard his face was beet red.

Do you wonder why we call him Wheels?

Have a great rest of your week!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Poppies Popping Up


Hello Sweet Readers! I wanted to share these beautiful poppies that are growing in my front yard! I was playing with angles in taking the shots, and I like the different focus of these. Have a great Monday!

3.20.10 017 3.20.10 002

3.20.10 028 3.20.10 035


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