Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Review..Bouchon Bakery in Yountville

Oh my goodness, it was been way too long since I should have posted this! We went to Bouchon last Summer and I haven't written out this review until now. I have, however, made the macarons that I had there and have loved them. You have seen those posts. I got the recipe from the book "Bouchon" that I checked out from the library and they are just to die for!

Here is the inside of the store. It is in a very beautiful little area near Napa called Yountville. Keller, the owner, also owns several other restaurants here in California and elsewhere. If you are a foodie, I'm sure you know about his most famous, the French Laundry. I've never been there, so it was a treat to get close.

There was a wait just to get into the bakery part of this restaurant, which was our mission that day. We split a roast beef sandwich and had two cookies: the vanilla french macaron and the chocolate sandwich cookie.

Sweet anticipation...

Oh my..hard to choose what to get! But the macarons are three dollars each, so I couldn't go crazy!

The breads all looked divine.

Here are our cookies. Again, the macaron was amazing. It had just the right amount of chewiness and crunch and the buttercream speckled with vanilla bean seeds was incredible!

The sandwich cookie honestly didn't impress. It was soft, perhaps too soft, and tasted very cocoa-y, but not that chocolaty, if that makes sense.

The roast beef sandwich was nothing to write home (or you all) about and maybe that is why I haven't until now! Ha ! It was pretty plain and on the greasy side.

I have to say the macaron saved them. I would have been pleased to just get one of every macaron and skip the "lunch" part of the meal! It is a beautiful setting, though, and I would go back for the treat and to try some of their bouchons and breads!

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Mindy said...

LOVE your cute dress! I may have to try macaroons after all your talking about them. :)


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