Monday, March 8, 2010

Project 365, Week 9, March 1-7

Hello Sweet Readers,

Here are my project 365 pictures from this week. The one above is from March 1. I started my week enjoying a cup of coffee with a dear friend.

March 2 - My sweet hubby got me these. The photo above is SOOC, the one below has a neat effect from Picnik. It's called gritty and I love how it details the flowers, don't you?

March 3: These are some yummy almond shortbread (recipe on the Odessa website and highly recommended) and some shutter speed experiments in "painting" with my camera. Oh, and chocolate chip cookies with HUGE chocolate chips.

Puzzle time for family night...using my white balance card really helps get the yellow tinge out when shooting indoors. I shot this without a flash and no sunlight exposure since it was, well, nighttime.
March 4: I was playing around taking shots in my area.

And more area shots, plus one of my carpool cuties...
March 5: These are from a very impromptu session with a friend of mine. It was early in the morning after drop off and we hit a mustard field. She always looks beautiful, even at that time, so the shooting was easy.

March 6: These were some incredibly delicious french macarons. I got the recipe off Bakerella's website, which she got from Tartlette. I am still undecided if I like these better than the Bouchon recipe, but they did seem a bit easier. I could have grinded the almonds a bit more, however. They are not as smooth as I like them to be.
March 7: I was watching my friends kiddos Sunday. It was an incredible Spring day. So great outside so I went out and shot the kids. :) The pic with the razors was actually my younger son's idea. I have a budding photographer, I think!

The Gang:

Adorable boys...

I hope you have a great week! Thanks for stopping by.


Mindy said...

These are all fantastic - it so much fun to see all you're learning! I love the red flowers especially!

Haniela said...

Hello Lisa,
I've been enjoying your last work with photos very much,very creative and beautiful ideas.
have a wonderful day.


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