Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Heart Faces Entry

Hi Sweet Readers!

I am posting this photo for a couple reasons. One, to show you all that I am still learning this photography stuff and, two, to ask the people over at to give me constructive feedback. They do this occasionally for amateur photographers and I really would love the help.

I normally use PSE 6, CoffeeShop Actions, and Picnik (some or all) for my editing, so they will tailor their feedback to that.

In this photo, the aperture was f/5.0 , the shutter speed was 1/250 , the ISO was 100, and the focal length was 50mm. I shot this in Aperture Priority mode.

Though I love this photo and I think it can be improved upon, too. I think the girl's face is a little too dark and the photo is not that sharp. It can use a little pop, also. She is just too adorable, isn't she?

Thanks to the contributors for their feedback! Feel free to leave yours, too!


jamielauren said...

Cute photo! just personal preference stuff because it's really a cute shot overall.

I would have lowered my aperture [if possible] and raised my shutter speed. i prefer shooting as wide open as possible and with little rugrats, it's best to have as fast a shutter speed as possible. The only other thing i could say is that she's not looking at the camera. I love lots and lots of shots where the subject is not looking at the camera, but not this shot. It would have been that much better if you could have gotten good eye contact.

My advice for a different persective would be to get right up againt that fence - put your right shoulder on the fence - point the camera right at her eye level and shoot.

Megan said...

very sweet-

i'd say, in a situation with harsh backlighting, in general it's going to be harder to get a clean, brightly-exposed face. you may want to choose a composition next time that keeps some light filtering on her face (bright open shade, etc) or just sort of circle your subject and see how the light looks on their face to see when they look like they're glowing, but not squinting- again, tough in super-bright direct sun. but that's when you can get creative with unique locations for a shot, etc.

also, i'd say, this is a time when it's good to attempt Manual, rather than AV. even if you had your camera focus on her eyes, it looks as though the camera chose to expose for the sun, not her skin.

keep shooting! glad you joined in!


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