Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project 365, Week 11

Hello Sweet Readers,

Here is the 11th installment of my 365 project. The photo above is on March 15th, of our Crabapple tree before it bloomed.

March 16th – The poppies you saw from yesterday’s post before their full bloom…
Lisa SmileyMarch 17 th. The photo above is of our mini rose vine blooming and a visitor. The photo below is of the boys after being trampled in their sleep by a leprechaun. They were eating food inspired by St. Patrick :)

The three photos below are of a fun little photo session I did with a couple friends on March 18th.
The photo below is my talented friend, Mindy. Beautiful, right? The photo above is her equally beautiful children.

This was the same day. It’s of another beautiful friend, Aimee, and her daughter. You know, both these gals are also just as beautiful on the inside. They have the love of Jesus in them and it shines right through.
These sweet  adorable guys below are sons of a couple gals in my bible study. I just got to meet them on the 19th and they were so sweet to pose for me!

Another beautiful dear friend. She is a mother of 9. Yes 9, and she has the composure of a saint. She is lovely, welcoming, calm, warm and very artistically gifted.

Remember the Crabapple tree from the 15th? It’s in full bloom now. Here it is on the 20th. Love love love the flowers it produces.

These shots are of my younger son at the playground while I was experimenting with angles.  Shot on the 21st.And with my hubby…
Also on the 21st. Lots going on. The photo above is my older son in the hole in the backyard that they have been digging with dad. Our yard is actually landscaped, but this area used to have a Little Tykes structure on it. Since the boys are older, and no longer need the structure, they have devised some secret plan with dad that includes a whole large enough to fit my 9 year old. Should I be afraid?!

This is my 9 year old running, racing. He was trying out for Select Soccer over the weekend. He made it! Yeah! We are so proud of him. He tried so hard his face was beet red.

Do you wonder why we call him Wheels?

Have a great rest of your week!


Rick Menze said...

Wow great images!

Mindy said...

Lisa all of these pics are fantastic! The rose and bee one is amazing - looks like you had a macro lens. You are so sweet with your words and that pic of Amy and Jade is perfect! Of course I love the one of my kiddos too. :)

Anonymous said...

Love all of your pictures and what you do to them! The pictures of Mindy, Aimee and Dana are BEAUTIFUL! And you are right they are all as beautiful on the inside as the out! I am so blessed to have you all in my life! Keep up the great work!! ~Raeane =)


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