Monday, January 31, 2011

Chocolate Praline Cake

Hello Sweet Readers!
I went to a dental appointment last week and my hygienist recommended this cake. It's a chocolate praline cake. Sounded great so I gave it a whirl. It was tasty, but as a frosting gal, the addition of just a bit of sweetened whipped cream just didn't do it for me. Now, if you want to just eat the cake for breakfast, by all means, this is your go to, but for a die hard like myself, bring on the thick frosting...even over the pralines! I know some of you are stronger than I and can actually eat a cake without buttercream of some sort. More power to you - you would love this one, I'm sure! Happy Baking!


Haniela said...

looks delicious, I'd eat it without buttercream any day of the week but whipped cream sounds really delicious.

Anonymous said...

WOW Lisa, these look amazing!! You always know how to get my mouth watering! hehe! Glad you are baking again, probably not as happy as your guys! haha! ~Raeane =)


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