Thursday, April 23, 2009

Healthy Blackberry Whole Wheat Muffins- Can You Believe It?

Hi Sweet Readers!

I had to post these muffins I made. They are actually fairly healthy :) Not that I don't enjoy healthy foods...I do...but you do know my preference for cupcakes for breakfast. Or you do now! So these were in one of my favorite cookbooks, "Little Cakes" which is like "Whimsical Bakehouse" (same authors), but just smaller cakes. They were absolutely delicious! I loved the crumb topping and the whole wheat flour blended very well with the muffin flavors. I made some full size and some minis so I could just pop them in my mouth on the way to the gym. LOL.

I hope you are having a fantastic week. I love hearing from you all. Thanks for all your comments and emails. They really make a girl smile! :)


rachel haines said...

those look yummy. Are they really healthy???? Or healthy compared to cupcakes???

Mariana said...

hi!!! i came across this blog because of the images in your flickr, your cupcakes look really great! i love the different themes you've used, keep them coming!

in the meanwhile, i'd like to ask, what cupcakes/muffin recipe book would you recommend? i'm trying to improve my recipes and try new ones, really best quality recipes and figured out that you probably have good tips about this :)

thank you!


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