Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sage's Birthday Cupcake Cake

Hi Sweet Readers! Well, did you guess what the last post was? I know Kristin did :) It was the bottom of a giant cupcake birthday cake covered in creamy wonderful dark chocolate ganache! I cannot bear to leave the bottom of that cupcake cake bare without frosting, so I found that this is a great and very tasty way to cover it.
I made this cake for a 1st birthday celebration for a beautiful, beautiful little girl named Sage. She also got some cupcakes to match that I will share in a later post...
I did her name, the butterflies, flower and leaves using the melted chocolate method. I love the way it is beautiful and yet a little bit youthful at the same time. Perfect for sweet Sage!
I hope she and her family enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making and decorating it!
Have a sweet day!


Anonymous said...


Kristin said...

that is so pretty! i looked like carnations! i love the chocolate transfers too.

Johnnie said...

Ohh, yum!! That looks amazing, just like the other delicious creations you make.

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

I bought The Whimsical Bakehouse book several years ago, but have never tried the melted chocolate decorations. You have inspired me to finally do that!

Nora said...

Spectacular. It looks like a hydrangea bouquet, my favorite flower.


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