Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time for Ice Cream!

Hello Sweet Readers!

I know, it's been too long! Thanks for checking in today. I am posting something I have never posted on my blog...homemade ice cream. My hubby and I made this sour cream ice cream this weekend. It was soo delicious. You would not think it would be, but it was. We saw the recipe in this month's issue of "Gourmet" magazine and just had to try it. It was actually very simple compared to other homemade ice cream flavors I have made. It had all the decadent goodies of regular ice cream..half and half, heavy whipping cream, sugar, etc.... but also called for a cup or so of sour cream. It tasted like cheesecake, in a way. It was very refreshing and delicious. That is what we need these days with the temps over 100 degrees!

Enjoy and stay cool wherever you are!

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Hannah said...

Hi, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you!

I use a canon digital rebel xsi. I just usually set my iso speed and white balance for the current light and shoot away!


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