Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One Sweet Hummingbird

Hello Sweet Readers! I wanted to share some shots I captured of one of our "customers" as my kiddos call him. We have many hummingbird visitors and they are pretty used to us being around.
In fact, when they are out of water, they fly on over to the kitchen window and hover as if to say, "more, please". OK, maybe they aren't being so nice about it, but that is what I choose to believe.

Don't worry, we have tons of hummingbird-friendly plants, bushes and trees in our yard so they do patronize those as well, and often. We are not just in the business of getting them high on sugar water :)

Anyway, here's the little guy (or girl? I have no idea how to tell when their wings are going that fast :) I have no idea how to, really. He's enjoying his drink and an easy breezy Saturday morning. He's even letting me take some very close shots.
But, all good things must come to end and here he is either completely fed up with me shooting him while he was trying to drink or saying "thank you", but after one more sip, he flew away...for a short time anyway.

Have a sweet day!

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