Thursday, November 12, 2009

Martha Stewart Cupcake Club #4 -Candied Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Good Morning Sweet Readers!

I hope your week is off to a great start! It's a very chilly morning here in Sacramento, but it's still beautiful, crisp and clear. I love it!

Here is the fourth installment from Martha's wonderful cupcake book. Yes, you read correctly, they are candied sweet potato cupcakes! Sound a bit strange, I admit, but these were so, so delicious. Every single person that tried them adored them (and many, many people did...more details to come later). Many gave me a curious look when they were told what they were. One even told me that sounded disgusting! But they were all won over! Many put it second on their lists of favorites.

The cupcake was rich, dense and very sweet, but in a deep way, if you can call it that. It was supposed to be topped with marshmallows and candied pecans, but I needed the presentation factor and that wasn't going to cut it this time. Next time, I may try a few that way. Like I said, the texture is much denser than a normal cupcake, but it lends to the experience. You just have to try them! I topped them with a fabulous apple cider reduction spiced buttercream, the recipe for which I found on Carrie's website last year (Fields of Cake - YUM!). It was a great pairing!

Here's a shot of the oh-so-yummy sweet pototates. They were oozing and hot and carmelized. It took all I had to resist eating one right then and there!Hope you have a sweet week!


Candice said...

how darling' are your little cakes?!? the black sugar flower is a nice contrasting touch as well. ;)
p.s. oh how i miss Tahoe and northern california, in general! (was reading your profile and suddenly, i'm homesick!)

lakegirl said...

Your cupcakes are beautiful!

k.a.r.e.n said...

Thanks for baking along with me this month. Your sugar flower is adorable!

Tracey said...

Gorgeous cupcake! I love that top photo with the flower. Great job.

mike said...

Those are just the nicest looking potato cupcakes! Love the black sugar flower too - really sets off the frosting! Nicely done this month - so glad you enjoyed making them - that's what makes it all worth it!

Lori said...

Your cupcakes are beautiful! Your's always turn out so pretty! The frosting that you used sounds amazing!

Cupcake Activist said...

I've never tried sweet potato cupcakes, but I LOVE pumpkin cupcakes! I'm sure they are somewhat similar. I'm thinking about making some for Thanksgiving.

Judy said...

oh wow! SO BEAUTIFUL! I really love that gorgeous black flower on white frosting! =)

Future Grown-Up said...

Boiled cider??? Now I have to make these cupcakes again. That sounds beyond yummy.

Gorgeous cupcakes too. Love the little flower on top.

SUGAR B said...

Your post makes me happy! You are so jubilant!

I didn't know you live in Sacramento, I live in the San Jose area!

I love your cupcakes, so pretty.

Thanks for baking along with us this month!

Nina said...

LOVE the black flower!


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