Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday Surprise for Me!

Me, Surprised!

This is my sweet hubby walking me into my surprise 40th birthday party (a whole month before my actual birthday!) that he planned with the wonderful gals below: Nancy, Rachel and Debbie! Thank you all so , so much!
Here's me enjoying some more sweet friends-Karen and Nan. I love you , ladies!Kami, Rachel, Kelly and Michelle! Thank you so , so much for making my birthday so special!My sweetest friend and cousin, Krista. She has been with me these whole 40 years (yes, that would mean that she is younger!) She came from the Bay area and totally surprised me, too!Here's my sister-in-law, Ellen. She traveled the longest distance..from SoCal. Thanks so much! Krista and my neighbor Mary Lou are in the photo, too! Below is Michelle and the birthday girl!
My oh-so-delicious chocolate fudge birthday cake!!! Yummmm! And part of a gorgeous favor my friends hand made for me! (The cake is one of my favorites from Freeport Bakery in Sacramento)

I had such a fabulous time and it was so neat have such special friends there. I will remember this as long as I can :)

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