Friday, November 7, 2008

Cookie of the Week #29 - Chocolate Sandwiches

Yeah, it's back! This is my older son's choice for cookie of the week. Ah! I have been so bad about the COTW lately. The last new cookie I made was in the first week in October! I have made several others and a bagillion cupcakes since then, as you know, but I was doing so well at the COTW every week! And I fell off the wagon for a bit. So, if you want to see one each week, feel free to keep me honest about it and shoot me a comment or email if by Thursday of each week you haven't seen one, k?

This cookie was tasty, but not one of my favorites. The chocolate cookie part was slightly chewy and not crunchy. The two cookies together slightly overpowered the very delicious white chocolate ganache sandwiched in between. I could eat that stuff all by itself! The family liked it, but again, not one of their top picks.

Thanks for stopping by, sweet readers!


Emma the Eco-Princess! said...

Oh I'm dissappointed you said these aren't too good as I absolutely love the look of them!

Lisa Smiley said...

Good news, Emma! I made these again, using a smaller cookie cutter (a scallop circle about an inch across). They were better, especially after I drizzled homemade caramel over them! Thanks for your sweet comment!


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