Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom! I Love You!

So today is my sweet mom's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you very much and was so wanting to bring you something special for your birthday. So this is it!

I found this recipe from the "Whimsical Bakehouse" cookbook and just had to try it. You can't really see it all here, ( I hope to soon post pictures of the inside of the cheesecake), but this is a mocha chip cheesecake with homemade chocolate cookie crust (meaning I actually made chocolate cookies only to break them apart and grind them fine for the buttery crust), covered in decadent (and I mean, decadent) ganache with hand drawn chocolate stars.

I let my boys help me "paint" the stars with gold and silver luster dust and they were thrilled. They did a really great job, actually! Fun, huh? I am liking it, and I hope mom likes it, too!

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Shelby said...

Lisa, this is beautiful! You have such a talent. How do you not eat EVERYTHING you make? ~Shelby


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