Monday, June 15, 2009

More Graduation Cupcakes!

Hey folks! I am doing another quick post to show you these photos of the 6 dozen kinder celebration cuppies I made for my son's school. There were three kinder classes and many parents and guest gathered to celebrate these sweet children. Not one cuppie left :)

I topped them with a mortar board made out of either a Reese's PB cup or a caramel cup and a chocolate covered cookie. I used a mini M&M for the top and some fun sour candy strings cut to size (thanks, Bakerella, for the inspiration)! The cuppies were a huge variety of flavors and frostings. The kiddos loved them! Happy Graduation to all you hard workers out there and have a fabulous week!


Cristina said...

How cute! What a clever idea.

rachel haines said...

Very cute! Geesh thats a lot of cupcakes!

Lori said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and love your handiwork! These cupcakes are so cute. I've gotten the baking bug lately and love the inspiration. Take care! :)

nora-A Hot Mama said...

YES! I can do this. And nice to see they all fit in the cupcake carrier for easy transport. Can't wait to make these. THANKS!

Nora-A Hot Mama said...

I made them! They didnt come out as cute as yours, but the kids loved them.


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