Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Review - Gigi's Cupcakes in Napa

Hello Sweet Readers! I wanted to share about a cute little cupcakery we went to while visiting Napa a few weeks ago. It's called "Gigi's Cupcakes" and it was a darling little shop nestled in an unassuming little strip mall near the outlet mall in Napa. The bakery is not named after the owner, Laura, but after her cute little dog. Sweet, huh? She even has a cute picture of her along with some children posted in her shop.
This is a photo of me in front of the store. You can see my hubby taking it in the glass! Too funny!
This is the beautiful little cuppie we tried. I love her packaging and logo. Very sweet. The cupcake was a lemon meringue beauty. I thought the lemon curd filling was delicious and the frosting was very light and airy, just right for the cupcake flavor. The cake was a tad bit dry, so I was happy the yummy filling was there! She had many flavors and they were all very tempting looking.
This is her adorable shop. I love her display of wonderful cupcake items and other sweet related goodies. So tempting!!
Here's Laura, the owner. She was very sweet to share with me about her shop and her passion. She loves what she does and sooo made me want to start my own shop! Maybe someday!

Do visit Gigi's if you are in the area. It's very close to the outlets, so you can get a cupcake or two and give yourself some energy for some shopping...or, some food in your body to go wine tasting :)


alice said...

What a cute little shop! We were just there a week or so ago, but I had no idiea there was a cupcake shop. Thanks for sharing, and that cupcake looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

The children in the shop are the owner's Grandchildren. We love the Meyer Lemon, it is our favorite.


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