Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BAR Cupcakes ?

Why must one have faith when being served cupcakes? Well, the card has really nothing to do with the cupcakes except that they are for my friend who just took the BAR in California. I brought these to her hotel the night of the second day of the BAR to cheer her on and remind her that the God of the universe is in control. I took the BAR 15 years ago and I'm telling you, that is the only thing that got me through! (Yes, I passed and am using my J.D. for wonderful things now, like raising kiddos, loving my husband and making cupcakes :)
Here are a couple shots of the cupcakes. I made her a variety and used some special dragees given to me by my sweet friend Glory (I met Glory via Flickr, and have more to tell on that fun story later..).
I used a variety of toppings as well. The one on the far right bottom is hazelnut brittle. Good stuff!
I made the card, too, and she was sweetly and pleasantly surprised by her delivery. She is done now, and seeing what life and summer are like in the "real" world, without having to study.

Congratulations on being done, Sara!

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James ~n~ Amber said...

So wonderful ! I bet you have a Cricut don't you ?!?!


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