Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sweets from a Sweet Friend!

Look what I got! How lucky am I? VERY lucky! Well, very blessed, really.
Here's a couple close-ups. Beautiful, right?
And another one, because these cuppies are just too beautiful for words. And they are gone now. And they tasted REALLY good!

Where did these beauties come from? And why did I get them? Remember I told you that I got the dragees from a new friend, Glory, that I met via Flickr? These are from her to my family and we were so happy to receive them. I met her at my church's VBS last week. We had connected via sharing photos of our sweets on Flickr and found out that we lived only 45 minutes apart. We had so much in common that I invited her to bring her sweet little girl to our VBS and the rest is sweet history :) We talked and talked and found out that we even had friends in common. The world is so small and God is so good to provide us with friends like this!

On the last day of VBS, she brought me these and let me tell you, I was in heaven! I love, love, love receiving sweets almost as much as I love giving them and she was speaking my language! Thank you so much, Glory! They were as delicious as they were beautiful..though it was hard to sacrifice all your hard work!

You can check out Glory's incredible edible art here: Don't be surprised if you get hungry!

Incidentally, if you have left any comments this week, I have been on vacation without access to a computer. I will check up with you all when I come back! I hope your week is going well!


Em said...

Delicious looking cupcakes, and the details on the icing!

Glory said...

Thanks so much for this sweet post! I was so happy to both meet you and get to know you a bit last week, and think we have all the makings for a very SWEET friendship!!


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