Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Fall" Flavored Cupcakes

Hello! Here are some cupcakes I made these past couple weeks that tasted of fall. I couldn't resist all the wonderful flavors and just had to share them with you before I started to post the new set of Christmas time flavors I have been dying to make. So, here they are: sweet potato pumpkin pecan pie cupcake (this was filled with pecan pie filling that I baked separately and then stuffed in the cuppie) topped with pumpkin buttercream, cranberry white chocolate cupcake with orange white chocolate cream cheese frosting, orange spice cupcake filled with cranberry orange filling and topped with orange spice buttercream, chocolate spice cupcake topped with ganache and valhrona chocolate. People seemed to really enjoy these flavors together and they were all so beautifully fallish!

Well, stay tuned for some Christmas flavors...I will be doing some special Christmas cookies, too, so hopefully I will get them posted to share with you!

Have a great day, sweet readers!


rachel haines said...

all of the cupcakes were great. I loved the swwetpotato pumpkin pie! Can't wait for the crsitmas flavors. I am guessing a gingerbread and some type of peppermint??? Not sure but thought I would take a guess.

rachel haines said...

Hi lisa its michaela. I love the cupcakes you gave us to take on our trip. you are so creative.


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