Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kara's Cupcakes...a Review

Hi Sweet Readers! We went to San Francisco this last weekend and you know I had to visit some bakeries. :) I only got to two in San Francisco and one in Berkeley. Alas, I had my kiddos and we DID have to see other things, too (like sea lions, cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge). So here we are on our way to Kara's Cupcakes in Ghirardelli square. I was excited to get there. I have seen many reviews and pictures and just had to see it myself.
Here it is! She has a prime location right there in the square near the fountain, kiddy corner from the amazing chocolate factory. Very simply done in pink and brown.
Here's a close up of some of the cuppies. I got the Fleur De Sel upon the recommendation of Kendall. It was a deep, rich chocolate cuppie filled with a bit of caramel, chocolate frosting and salt. But more on that later...
The inside of the store. Like I said, it was simply and elegantly done. I liked it. It put the focus on the cupcakes, which is the most important thing, right?!
More of the cupcakes..they were nicely and simply decorated. They were not large cupcakes, but not too small. Perhaps just right! They were all priced at $3.25, just about right, especially given the fact that we were in San Francisco. Her rent must be absolutely through the roof, so it's nice that she doesn't hike the price to pay for that.

The board of flavors. Yum!! It was hard to choose just one, but I do need to keep eating cupcakes, so I can't eat too many at once!
Oh, yeah. This is mine (and my sons' and my hubby's)...
So you know that I liked the shop. It was very well done and elegant and very tasteful. Kendall was nice and knowledgeable, but poor girl, doesn't eat many cupcakes anymore (too long working around them, she said)! She recommended a couple different ones, including this Fleur de Sel. Isn't it beautiful?! Well, I graciously shared with my family (btw, boys and men take very big bites!) and we all adored it. It was very moist, with just the right texture. The frosting was TO DIE FOR! I am not one of those people who have EVER said that something was too sweet, mind you. Don't think my family has, either. This frosting was decadent, rich and chocolaty. Sooo very good. I couldn't taste the caramel much, but I did see a smidge of it. The salt perhaps cut down the sweetness of the frosting, but, hmmm, don't think so. It was just fabulous.

You gotta go next time you are in the city..and let me know what you get!

Have a great day, sweet readers!

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Blythe said...

My sister-in-law is a huge Kara's fan. She likes the vanilla cake w/ sweet vanilla frosting. I can't wait to visit Kara's to try one myself. The Fluer de Sel sounds quite yummy.


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