Wednesday, December 9, 2009

MUST Make Coffee Toffee

Merry merry sweet readers!

I am in full baking mode over here. I need to find more space in my house to hold it all, and it's getting pretty dangerous having to "test" everything (over and over and over) before it goes out!

This has been the worst culprit. It is coffee toffee and it's simply divine. The toffee is made with lots of butter, brown and white sugar ...all the normal goodies that makes toffee so yummy...and then you add espresso powder and just a bit of molasses. These are just too hard to resist! Then you top it with rich chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. Oh, come on, now!

I'm wondering if anyone is going to get any of this besides my husband and I...

For the recipe that you must get, go to:

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