Friday, December 18, 2009

My Birthday Lunch at Ella

Hi Sweet Readers,

I wanted to share a little bit from my birthday lunch on December 16th. My sweet hubby took me to a very elegant and beautiful restaurant called Ella. We had such a wonderful time. Above are a few photos from the day, my new Lisa Leonard necklace (love her jewelry and blog:, and my handsome husband and me at Ella.

Here is our delicious meal. I forgot to shoot our first course and salad before we starting eating it. Isn't it beautiful!?

And this is Ella. The photos don't do it justice, so go here and check it out if you are interested. ( It is very classy, elegant and unique. I loved it. The service was great and the food was delicious and so beautifully plated. I would have shot more photos, but I was feeling quite conspicuous as it was and I'm sure my sweet hubby was also.

Thanks for letting me share a little of my birthday with you. I will have another post shortly with a bit more from my celebrations if you will indulge me :)


Mindy said...

Oh I LOVE that collage/storyboard of you and Brian! Did you do this in Picasa, Picknik or Photoshop? Love your processing and your lunch looks delicious!

Lisa Smiley said...

Thanks, Mindy. I did the collages in Picnik. :)


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