Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Project 365, Week 6 - Sweets In This Post :)

Hello Sweet Readers,

Here is the latest edition of Project 365. I'm wondering if any of you are doing the project? Let me know if you are, I'd love to follow your journey!

February 8
This day would have been my mom's 67th birthday. We miss her so much. To top off all the grief, my sweet David developed a rash on his face and before we left for our drive back up north, we made a stop at urgent care. Not the best of days, but at least I can say he has healed now. Turns out, he had spread some lotion on his face and pretended to shave with it. Not with a real blade or anything...he just had a reaction to the lotion.

February 9

My sweet friend Peggy brought us some comfort food the day after we got back from the funeral. I was so touched and the pot pie and other goodies was just perfect for us. We all loved it and were so appreciative. We have some really great friends. So blessed...

February 10

I keep driving by this field of weeds just blooming out of control. I had to stop and take some photos of the beauty within the weeds. They all look so grand from a distance. Close-up is pretty nice, too.

February 11

These two pics are of the sunrise this day. It was beautiful.

The following are some flowers in our yard. Spring is springing here. Some plants are trying to go for it. Love these flowers..looking forward to more!

I played with the pic below in Photoshop. I like the moody effect. What do you think?

February 12

This is Jack's cake and cuppies. He opted for a pirate theme. The cake is chocolate layered with vanilla buttercream and drenched in ganache. I hand cut the pirate out of fondant. I used a mold for the chocolate treasure box, but didn't have time to search a million places for chocolate coins and had to go with plastic. The cuppies are red velvet topped with ganache and buttercream. The toppers are candy, but I didn't make them, Michael's did.
February 13

These two photos of are of Jack on his 7th birthday. We had a very fun celebration with some friends at the bowling alley. The kiddos all loved the pirate-themed glow ball. Jack loved all his gifts and was one happy pirate!

February 14

My sweet Valentine. Notice anything peculiar? How about the fact that he has half a beard! He has been growing one for a bit, but it was time to shave it off. The boys like him to do interesting and funny things with it when he does it. So, as a great dad, he obliges. So here is my sweet hunny with half a beard. :) (I am so lucky to have a man who looks gorgeous even with half a beard!)


Natalie said...

I am enjoying your project 365!

I'm posting weekly also. Doing one a day is a little too daunting for me : )!!

Mindy said...

So fun to see your family and cute boys. I really adore that first photo of the weed field.


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