Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project 365, Week 7

Hello Sweet Readers!
Here is the latest installment of my daily photo project. I am learning more and more about photography and my own camera through this and it's really fun. The photo above is February 15th. A beautiful day here and the cherry blossoms are going crazy!
Sweet J the same day. This sweet beauty was just enjoying lunch with her adoring brother. The little crumbs on her lips remind me of how sweet he was to feed her some of his lunch.

The day I took this photo, Feb. 16, I thought these were just weeds. Turns out they are mustard fields and they consumed much of my time the remainder of the week.

Here is my younger son on the 17th. Stuck him in the mustard fields to take some photos that morning on our way to Jamba for some yummy oatmeal. My friend Kimberly is a master at this and she inspired me. Check out her photography blog if you have time. She captures beauty.

This was also in the mustard on the 17th. Sweetness! They are all over the place.

February 18th. Back in the mustard. I dragged my other son and my dear friend's daughter this time. The lady bugs visited, too. The photos above and below are from the same day.

February 19th - More blooming going on in Sacramento. I was loving the early Spring. It seems the rain is returning though. Bummer.

February 20th. I took some photography classes today. They were very helpful in terms of digital information. There is sooo much going on in my camera that it will take a long time for me to get everything right for every shot. I like experimenting and practicing, though. The shot below is of some bushes in my back yard. I love these fringe flowers they produce this time of year.
February 21 - My kids washing their dad's car in the rain, or at least impending rain. Gotta love it. They had to pull the car in the garage while drying it so as not to defeat the entire purpose.

Same day. Love reading my bible. Honestly, it is one of those things that when I sit down to do it, I wonder why it took me so long to get there. It's so rewarding and it changes the entire day. Why do I so often put it off until other things are done? Yet another thing to work on...

I hope you have a great week!


Zenia Photography said...

Aww love that 3rd pic!

Tanja said...

Beautiful pictures..

~~JAZ~~ said...

These are beautiful captures!! Keep it up!

Kelly (kkklatt) said...

Great shots- those flowers are beautiful!

Melissa Koehler said...

I really like the cherry blossoms :)

Kelsey said...

Love the lady bug images!

Lisa Smiley said...

Thank you for all the kind comments!

Becca said...

These are all beautiful! The first would look just lovely on canvas!

Anonymous said...

WOW Lisa, you have quite a gift! You are so talented! Love every shot! I have to say I agree 100% on the Bible! Why do we put it off but it is the one thing that we get the most out of?! We are crazy humans! Thanks for sharing all of these! ~Raeane =)


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