Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project 365, Week 8

Hello Sweet Readers,

This is a picture-heavy post. I was doing all kinds of experimentation with my camera this week. The above post was taken on Monday, the 22nd, in front of our local library. I was trying to get the starburst effect, but it was at mid-day, so it's a bit bright. I like it, though, and you can see the pink of the blossoms on the tree, though it's subtle.

Ok, so I was also practicing getting photos large on the blog. I love the photo above, and, based on my hubby's comments about the hundreds of photos I took this week, I think it's his favorite. It was taken on Tuesday, February 23, as were the following two.

How sweet are these cuties? They did so well taking these photos. Sweet J above is a natural little model. And even though she is young, sweet A got into it after awhile. It was just harder to keep her standing still.

On Wednesday, the 24th, these cows came to meet me. Did you catch the post that same day? Check it out. Very fun. I was playing with post-processing again and liked this effect.

On the 24th, I started playing with shutter speed. I was trying to get this little hummingbird to stop for you. It's kind of hard to catch him, and I didn't have my tripod, but I do love his red neck and green body. They are beautiful creatures, aren't they?

On the 25th, I enlisted my kiddos to help me with this shutter speed experiment. I love how it looks. It makes me want Spring to come even faster! (BTW, the little helpers helped themselves to most of the product...these were the BEST strawberries!)

The 26th was a big weather day. Crazy rainy in the morning, crazy, beautiful, amazing skies in the evening. Check it out. Oh, first check out the cool dead end sign. If you like signs, it's cool. If you are like my hubby, you can have no comment.

This one was in the morning, after kiddo drop-off, post-edited, but I love the colors.

This one is my favorite. Check out the skies. Both the one in full view and the one in the rear view mirror. They were so different and changed by the minute.

There was even a rainbow hanging out on the horizon.

February 27th. Just getting some shots of my oldest outside after the rain stopped. Sheesh, this picture makes him look old. Except for the holes in his pants. He has holes in most of his pants, by the way. Who has time to sew when you are taking pictures and making cupcakes. LOL. If you are reading this sweet hubby, I'm just kidding :)

And more shutter speed fun. Panning. First time ever trying this. I need some more practice, but I love the concept! And my model likes the fact that he is moving soooo fast!

February 28th - Can't believe it's March tomorrow!! Okay. Here is another example that I'm not quite my baking self. Do you see the cupcakes on the left? Do you see the ones on the right? Do they look different to you? Well, they are. They are both my dark chocolate cupcakes. They were both baked from scratch and they both took the same effort. What is the difference? Because, frankly, the ones on the left look better to me, but the ones on the right taste waaayyyy better. The difference, my friends, is sugar. Plain and simple sugar. The ones on the left, which strangely baked in half the time they were supposed to, don't have one grain of sugar in them. That's right. Forgot it. Completely.

I did the whole batch over, and gave my sweet sons a taste test after dinner. They were both frosted and they were both actually liked! Of course, they liked the second one (the one with the sugar) the best, but I think they would have been fine with only the first. Of course, it was topped with sweet sweet buttercream and sprinkles, but who's counting?


Rick Menze said...

Very nice! You are AMAZING!!

dkick said...

WOW, amazing pictures. I love them all, but my favorite is the one of David in the window. That one is cool. Looks like your doing well in school - pictures are great!

Natalie said...

I love it! So how did you get your pictures larger on the blog??

rachel said...

cool pics! I like the sign picture and how did you get the cow pictures to be color in only a certain spot? The picture sof david in the window is GREAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW Lisa,
There are so many AWESOME pictures! I love the ones where you just threw in some color! We have a picture of Grant like that, he is black and white and the rubber ducks are in color! The one of your "oldes" does make him look all grown up! I love the one of him running also! You do an amazing job! ~Raeane =)


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