Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Enjoying a Smiley's Sweet!

Hello Sweet Readers! I had to share these fun pictures with you! I went on a shoot with my friend Kimberly while she took birthday photos of her sweet niece. She had asked me to make her a Smiley sweet for use in the photos and so I gladly obliged with a couple cupcakes. I took some photos of Kimberly in action and I also shot a few of her niece with my cuppies. I love how she loved them! She was so adorable at one point, she said, "I just love this!" I, of course, said, "I love that you love it!". To which she replied, "No, I said that I love this!" So adorable. So these are the pics I shot of her. She was a doll. She was patient and willing for nearly 2 hours! And at 3. Amazing.

 Please stop by my friend's photography blog to see a pro in action. She has some of her incredible  photos from this session posted here:
Kimberly Dunn Photography:
And the photos of her in action that I took are here:

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Mindy said...

So cute and that cuppie looks adorable and yummy!


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