Sunday, May 9, 2010

Project 365, Week 18

Hi Sweet Readers! I wanted to get this post up earlier this week, so here it is. I had a busy week, and am a bit overwhelmed by a house that needs to be seriously gutted and redone (at least it feels like it). It's a mess, but it will get cleaned and organized... I hope!

So here are the pics for last week. The top one is of the kiddos of a great friend of mine. They stopped by to pick up and drop off a couple things and I snapped some quick photos outside. They are beauties, I tell ya!

My Beautiful Friend Joanna 5.4.10

Another beauty. Truly. My friend is beautiful inside and out. I had a fun photo session with her last Tuesday. I will be sharing lots of photos from it this week. We spent two hours together and most every picture was perfectly beautiful because, well, she is perfectly beautiful!

These photos kill me. My sons are great at posing for me and knowing a camera is around...

This wonderful plate was shipped to me from a dear friend last week. For no reason. How thoughtful was that? I am blessed. I had to crack up at the box, though. Note that it says "fragile" on every side. Note the condition of the box when it reached me. Fortunately, my friend packaged it carefully enough for it to survive. BTW, I have heard from an inside source at UPS that it is best NOT to write "fragile" on the box. Believe it or not, if anything, it is detrimental to how the package is treated. Gotta love that sinful human nature...

Can I get more cuteness in my life? These are some kiddos at a brunch I was invited to with some sweet friends from church. I love taking photos of kids doing their thing.

These are of my younger son snoozing. When I asked him later why he fell asleep (this was Saturday at 4:30 and he doesn't usually nap), he said that he decided to get on his back to think about what to write in his journal and, well, you see the result of that. (it is important to note that he had just went swimming for 2 hours straight and woke up at 6:30 am...)

These are the photos I took on Mother's Day. Most were being taken of me, but I took a walk around my front and back yards and shot the flowers. Purty, huh?

I am truly blessed by a great family. They made my mother's day very special. Both boys worked hard all week preparing many handmade cards and gifts and wrapping them all on their own. My older son even collected from the younger son to purchase a great sweets cookbook for me at his school book fair. All on his own. How sweet is that?

These photos were taken by my hubby and honestly, I really didn't mean to match my oldest son... :)

Have a great week!


rachel said...

Love all the pics but I am of course partial to the first cuties... Thanks for being a great and talented friend!!!

Mindy said...

These are all so great! Are you doing these collages in Picnik or PS? Looks like wonderful brunch and Mother's Day for you! Loving the new lens?

Lisa Smiley said...

Thanks Rach!

Mindy, I am loving the new lens! It's fabulous!

I am doing them in Picnik..premium collages, mostly. Love the frames you can add and the colors you can pull from the photos for the borders.

Robyn{Lee} said...

Very sweet pictures! : ) Happy Mothers day (yesterday that is!)

Anonymous said...

Lisa as always, AMAZING! I am bit partial to the cuties from the brunch! haha! Although the pictures of your boys are cute too! =)Looks like the boys did good for you on Mother's Day! I can't wait till my boys can do those things for me! You are beautiful inside and out and I am honored to be your friend! ~Raeane =)

Baking is my Zen...sweet nibbles for the soul said...

What a lovely collage of photos for Mother's Day. Your boys are adorable!



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