Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Project 365, Week 17

Annie's "icarly" colored cake - 4.29

Azaleas at the Capitol - 5.1

Sweet Mom and Baby and My Bible Study - 4.30

That Sweet Baby Again - 4.30

More Adorable Children at My Bible Study - 4.30 - These are 2 of 9 in the Family :)

My Sweet Youngest, Sleeping - 4.26

My Sweet Oldest, Sleeping - 4.26 - Love his buddies!

Oh Yeah, 31 Cent Scoop Night. Dessert before Dinner! 4.28

Another of Annie's Cake from the Top - 4.29

Another Adorable Baby...Love the Eyes! 4.30

Cake for my Bible Study - 4.30

Yes, we have many Adorable Babies in the group! 4.30

Fun Rice Crispie Cupcakes for a Friend's Bday - 4.30

My Awesome friend and Fabulous Photographer Whom I strive to be like :) Kimberly in Action 5.1 - Check out her beautiful site:

A fun bike trip with the fam - 5.1

You know....4.28

Our New Laptop - Which, incentally doesn't want to connect to the Internet anymore..argh!  4.27
 Thanks for checking out my project 365 this week! Sorry it was out of order, but have lots on my plate and didn't have time to fiddle with the new blogger system! Have a great day!!

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Mindy said...

Always fun to see what you've been up to! Looks like you're enjoying the new lens. ;) Hope to see you soon!


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