Friday, May 14, 2010

A Very Fun Session with a Beautiful Friend

Hello Sweet Readers! 
I wanted to share with you this very fun photo session with my friend Joanna. From these photographs, you will see that she is beautiful, photogenic, and lovely. What you do not see is that she is actually very beautiful, sweet, lovely and spirited on the inside. She is so much fun. I hope that you enjoy these photos. I am building my portfolio these days and am learning so much about photography. I just love it. Thanks for sticking with me. 
Also, I am going to be trying to post my next photo shoots on a new blog I am trying my best to update. You can find it at . I hope you will visit me there as well. I would love it if you followed me on both blogs because I really love getting your comments and getting to know you. 
Have a great weekend, Sweet Readers :)


terrid614 said...

these are beautiful pics! what an adorable girl she is also! great job!!

Mindy said...

These are lovely Lisa - just beautiful!


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