Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Cupcakes and Homemade onesies

Don't know about your neighborhood, but it seems that there are many babies being born in ours lately! It's so much fun seeing the families grow and it brings back sweet memories of the days my boys were tiny.

I am also anticipating the arrival of a new niece or nephew in October! I can't wait! So I have been busy making some little onesies and burp cloths with some special little baby images on them. They are stamped and ironed on (one thing I do not do is sew). Pretty darn cute. Almost makes me want another just to dress them up in one. But now back to reality...

These were for a sweet little baby girl a couple doors down. Of course I also had to make cupcakes to welcome the little one! They were actually for the other members of the family :) Now the cul de sac score is boys: 5, girls: 2.

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