Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Key Lime Bars - Not a Cupcake and Not so Key! This is the Cookie of the Week!

Hi Sweet Readers! What you are seeing is not a cupcake! :) They are actually key lime bars which are the "cookie of the week".

What is the "cookie of the week", you ask? This is the story. I don't only make cupcakes because I am a sweet fanatic. I like most every kind of sweet and I love to bake! My family cheers me on and so I kindly oblige. Some months ago, I purchased "Martha Stewart Cookies". This is a fabulous cookie cookbook full of wonderful full color photos for each of the 175 cookies found within. Sooooo, I decided, and my family agreed, that we would have a cookie of the week from there on out. I would do my best to make one of the cookies in the book once a week. We rotate through our family for who gets to choose and we try to keep it a secret until it's "unveiling". (the secret part rarely happens :) It's been pretty consistent and these bars were our 26th cookie! I did skip a week or two, and once made a cookie from another great baking book, but other than that, it's been fun experimenting and enjoying.

I'm thinking it might be fun to show you some of the cookies we have done. Some have been incredibly delicious, others so so. I keep notes in the cookbook. I took pictures, too, so perhaps someday Martha might have me on her show...hee hee. No, just for fun and documentation. I am a scrapbooker, after all.

Oh, and why are these key lime bars not "key"? Because the recipe called for key limes (23 of them!!) and I could not find them (to be honest, I really didn't look). Good thing for me. It actually only took 9 regular limes and so I had to juice a whole lot less! These are really good, though. The crust is probably my favorite part - graham crackers, sugar and butter. The lime is tangy yet sweet and so refreshing. They were a big hit with this week's chooser, my dear hubby. They were not my prettiest cookie, but they sure passed the taste test!

Next week is my choice! Yeah!


Tom said...

Toll House is none too happy about your baking habits and this blog ... after all, who (besides me because I am plain) will make good old fashion Toll House chocolate chip cookies after seeing all of your amazing pictures and creations?

Lisa Smiley said...

Me!! I love, love, love chocolate chip cookies and besides, my hubby would kill me if I didn't make them because they are his FAVORITE!!! Everything else is "not his chocolate chip". So keep an eye out for my special chippers coming soon :)


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