Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dreamy Cupcakes!

Remember having Dreamsicle ice cream pops as a kid? The ice cream layer with the orange popsicle surrounding it made such a creamy treat! Well, this is THAT in cupcake form! The cupcake is orange flavored - real orange juice and zest mixed in the batter - and filled with delicious vanilla bean buttercream. Can you see the wonderful specs of fresh vanilla bean in the photo? Yum! The frosting is a mix of orange (ala Tang :) buttercream and the vanilla bean buttercream that fills this tasty treat. It really tastes like a Dreamsicle popsicle (just not as cold and such a more "adult" option :) Kudos to Carrie again for a great recipe to play with! I topped these beauties with some homemade edible candy magnolia flowers.

Have a wonderful day, sweet readers!


Rick said...

So I have always considered myself the "photographer" in the family. And still do. However these are cool photos. You really need a better camera so you can do cool depth of field things... But I like where things are headed.

dkick said...

I have to say, I think the orange dreamsicle cupcakes are my FAVORITE so far. Fantastic. I even did something not too nice and ate part of my husbands' cupcake! Couldn't resist. So the s'mores and the dreamsicles are my favs so far!! Oh wait, I loved the Almond Joy one too. AJ & s'mores tied for second. good thing I didn't taste the pbutter one! Thanks Smiley's Sweets!


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