Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bicycle Cupcakes!

I made these fun cupcakes today for my friend and neighbor, John. His birthday is Monday and his lovely wife and dear friend of mine, Nancy, requested a special batch to share with his family. These cuppies are a bit eclectic in flavoring, but it all comes together and tastes fabulous (according to my hubby who had to sample one :) They are a Guinness dark chocolate cupcake filled with caramel and an Oreo surprise. I topped them with Oreo brown sugar cream cheese buttercream and some fun blue sprinkles. One of John's passions is cycling and he is darn good at it, so I wanted to honor that and created these fun candy bicycles! I wanted them to be royal blue, his favorite color, but alas, the blue on the package was not the blue it turned out to be. I am still very happy with them and frankly, thrilled that I was able to create them!

I hope you have a very happy birthday, John!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love these cupcake, my son is totally in biking so want to make it for his bday, what is the cycle made up of?


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