Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lemon Poppyseed Cookies

Good Morning, Sweet Readers!

I have had tons of lemons around lately. Our sweet neighbors and a babysitter's parents gave us some last week and we have been trying to enjoy them in many ways. I saw this recipe over at the blog Technicolor Kitchen and thought they would be tasty. They are! Very tangy and sweet at the same time. And just the perfect crisp.

I'm also loving my new DSLR. I took this photo with it and am trying to get the hang of it in the time that I have free. So much fun! I just love pushing the button and taking a picture without delay. Glorious!

1 comment:

Patricia Scarpin said...

Your cookies look delicious! I'm glad you like the recipe, because over here the cookies were a hit. Everyone loved them - even the chocoholics. :D
Love the photo - I have been saving some $$ to buy a DSLR too! :D


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