Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shark Attack! :)

Hi Everyone! Here are the cuppies I made for my son to take to his class for his birthday. They are fun and crazy and a TON of work. Honestly, because they were for him, it was worth it, but really, does anyone need an extra donut or twinkie ON TOP OF A CUPCAKE! :) (Yes, those sharks are really Twinkies and Famous Wafers in disquise!)

They were generally fun to make..there were some mishaps and if I ever do them again, I will make the sharks a bit shorter so they can be more stable, but all in all, he loved them. His class did too.

Hope you like them! Just note, if you want them, THEY WILL COST YOU! :)))


Krout said...

WOW!! These are amazing! I wish I could have seen the kids' faces when you brought them to D's class! WOW!!!

YOU are amazing. I think it is super, super, super that you are blogging and letting all of us enjoy seeing your marvelous sweets and creations. Thanks!

Happy B-day D!!

Kim said...

Alexander loved these and was so excited to tell me all about them. We are bringing brownies for his birthday since he didn't want to follow so closely with "normal" cupcakes!


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