Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project 365, Week 15

April 12 : Impatiens in my front yard :)

April 13: My crape myrtle tree in my backyard

Also April 13: Remnants of a game in the backyard

April 14: Sunrise out the "library" window. Gorgeous.

April 14: In my neighbor's yard

April 14: Also in my neighbor's yard..with two visiting bees

April 14: My oldest. He is so good to pause from his outside play to smile for me :)

April 15: Scored a great find! French Macarons at Trader Joes! I will blog about it later, but just so you know, the vanilla ones in this pack are DELICIOUS! And for just 41 cents a cookie! Yum!

April 15: On my way home from TJ's, I was behind this "blue bertha". I learned to drive in one of these and it served my family well before the days of mini vans. My mom used to pile us all in to go to the beach nearly every day of the summer. Good times.

April 15: More flowers in another neighbor's yard

April 16: Freshly made vanilla cupcakes filled with ganache and vanilla buttercream and topped with coffee kahlua buttercream, Valhrona chocolate balls and toffee bits!

April 16: The calla lily in a beautiful and sweet bouquet given to me by my sweet cousin.

April 16: Yummy Mediterranean pizza for dinner. Seriously yum!

April 17: My beautiful neighbor and friend who asked me to take a few shots for her. She's a writer, so keep an eye out for these photos, people!

April 18: LOL - Yet another neighbor's yard. Check out these tulips! They line the fence all the way down. Too pretty not to shoot!


Anonymous said...

Great photo's yet again Lisa! I love the car picture and how you made the color to look like it was taken long ago! The pictures of the tulips look like a stamp! Beautiful! Looks like it is a good thing you know your neighbors! haha!! Love them all! ~Raeane =)

Mindy said...

I want to live in your neighborhood with all those beautiful flowers! Did you get a macro lens? I love all of these shots!

Glory said...

Fun collection of shots! I saw those macarons at TJ's and was wondering if they were any good? Since yours and the only one's I've ever had, and they are incredible, you are the perfect person to give me a review of the Trader Joe ones.
I also really like the coloring you did on the shot with the stationwagon. A perfect fit with the car.

Rach said...

HI Lisa!
This is Rachel Mageo, Diana Prince's oldest daughter. She told me about your baking and I love the site! Texas people like it bright and BIG, so you would fit in perfectly with your gorgeous creations!


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