Friday, April 9, 2010

Project 365, Week 13

March 30: David's Art Museum Day

March 29, Boys in the Hood

March 30, Sunset
March 31, Grapevines near my house

April 1st, Driving down the 5

April 1, Sky while driving down the 5.

April 1, Sunset off the 5

April 2, Birdfeeder in MIL's yard

April 2, Eggs colored with Grandma

April 3, Sweet A

April 3, Sweet A with one of my cookies :)

April 3, Cookies at Sweet & Saucy

April 4, Candy at Easter

Easter, Beautiful eyes

Easter, Sweet A

Thanks for checking in! I've been gone all week down in Southern California. I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Have a great weekend, sweet readers.


Peggy Mc said...

Beautiful photos. What a group of adorable kids! I especially liked the one of you driving down the freeway! You be careful out there!

Mindy said...

Great photos and I LOVE those I-5 ones - just gorgeous! I'm hoping (and assuming you were NOT the one driving). :) Oh and that last one of David is terrific - such a handsome little guy.

Natalie said...

I love the grapevine picture!!! I agree with careful taking some of those pictures : )

Lisa Smiley said...

Thanks, friends :) Mindy, you are correct, I was not driving! LOL. However, it did occur to me that I should put my camera strap around my neck while taking some of those pics. Can you imagine if it went out the window? Yikes. Bummer enough that I left my nifty fifty in So Cal :(


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