Thursday, April 29, 2010

Project 365, week 16

Hello! This is a bit late in posting, but here is last week's batch of pictures. I have really been loving taking pictures every day. This week, I began with trying to snap a bit of my everyday life..things that are part of my routine, etc. I started off in that direction, but quickly veered from it. So you get a bit of everything, as usual :)

April 20: I drink one of the babies every single day. Well, sometimes it's a Diet Coke. I'm not a die hard either way, just as long as it's diet.

April 21: Our communal mailbox. Kinda wish I had one at my front door like the olden days. If there were any neighbors out to visit with when I get my mail, it would be different, but usually I go it alone...

April 22: Every day is coffee day. EVERY DAY! You don't really want to socialize with me if I haven't had my coffee yet. Or so some say :)

April 23: My sweet youngest. My mom got him this very cool working digital camera last year and he loves going around taking photos. Love that!

April 23 again: My gym/running shoes. Love Saucony! They are incredibly comfy. I do my best to work out at least five days a week. Sometimes six. How else can I eat as many sweets as I do? I actually should work out more!!

April 23..My youngest with his best tetherball friend. They play a mean game of tetherball, I tell ya.
April 24: These butterfly shots are of the same butterfly taken out by the Sacramento River. We went on a picnic last Saturday and I chased this guy around. He actually looked black until I got him in the telephoto lens!
This little guy was from our picnic time, too. He was so cute trying to get through this Dorito Chip that someone had left in his little habitat.
Same trip: Wildflowers. Love them!
And a pretty bird..very lovely picnic!
April 25: These are all photos from our fun time watching the Harlem Globetrotters. A co-worker and friend of my hubby's generously invited us to their box in Arco to watch the Globetrotters. I had never seen them! We had a fun time and the kiddos thought they were hilarious!

...and they were!


Natalie said...

I love the new look to your blog. And your pictures are great. I saw the Globetrotters years ago. They look like they still got it!!! How fun!!

Anonymous said...

Love it Lisa! Thanks for sharing your daily life with us! Wonderful pictures! The look on David's face wathing the game is pricless! So innocent! Love all you do! ~Raeane =)


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