Monday, April 12, 2010

"I Heart Desserts" - My Dessert Photo Entry

Hi Sweet Readers!

For those of you who have been following me for awhile, you know without a doubt that I ADORE desserts. They just make me happy. I think, really, that they make most people happy, don't you? At least for a bit :) Think about it. When you bring out a tasty entree, people are appreciative. They love the taste, and may even like the presentation very much. But when you bring out a spectacular dessert, you touch people in a different way. The beauty and the taste combine to hit that wonderful place in a person's heart. Don't you think? It may be just me, but I think desserts are without a serious challenger in the culinary market.

So the weekly theme over at "I heart faces" is dessert! As you can probably surmise, I make a lot of desserts. A LOT! It's hard to choose one photo to post, but we can only post one. I was very close to posting my little slider cupcakes (remember them from this March of 2009 post? They were such a bit hit with you all and have consequently brought me in touch with so many around the world. I love that, but since similar ones have been made by the awesome judge this week, I thought I should go with something different.

The cake is a mini tiered cake. The bottom layer is only a six inch cake!
Two layers are a frecked mocha cake filled with coffee mousse and the other layer was a chocolate butter cake also filled with coffee mousse. The frosting is Swiss Meringue buttercream. It may look familiar to my long time followers :)

Now for my favorite part...WHO is the guest judge this week?! The amazing Bakerella! I just love this gal! Her blog caught my eye (and sweet tooth) and was one of my inspirations behind starting my own blog. She so sweetly and clearly conveys the wondrous world of dessert. And she is so stinkin' cute. She was on Martha with her cake pops and she just draws you in and bids you join her for dessert anytime. She is encouraging and down to earth. If you haven't ever seen her site, you must. Go and check it out. You won't be disappointed and you will clearly see where I got some of my inspiration and ideas :) Bakerella's web site

Be sure to head over to to see the other amazing desserts, too. I certainly will.

Have a sweet week!


Z'sTheDay said...

how beautiful! great colors, and I love your blog background1 :-)

krista lucas photography said...

yum! i love the header cupcake too! :)

krista @

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! I love the colors!

Widge said...

impressive! your header photo is amazing too

Mindy said...

I love the designs on this cake and am glad you can blend your new photo skills with your amazing baking skills! :)

Jenna said...

So very adorable. Your blog, the cake, your personality... :)

Anya Coleman said...

Yummy photo!
Nice work!

jamielauren said...

I agree, your header cupckae is making my mouth water! But I'd take a slice of the cake too! Great shot!

Tracy P. said...

YUMMM! It's beautiful, and sounds delicious too.


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