Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cupcakes for Dinner!

Yes, it's a cupcake, yes, it's for dinner! Saturday was National Chocolate Cupcake Day and though I did make nearly 90 chocolate cupcakes, I also had to surprise my family with this savory little concoction on saw in Rachel Ray's magazine. It's sausage meatloaf topped with piped mashed potatoes! They were sooo yummy! My hubby and kids actually thought I WAS serving them cupcakes for dinner - up until they took a bite. Funny, no one objected! :) It really looked like frosting on the cake. I will definately do these again. I think it would be fun to bring to a potluck as a cute little surprise from the cupcake gal.

Thanks for checking in sweet (and savory :) readers!

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