Friday, October 24, 2008

Gigantic Cupcake Birthday Cake

Happy Friday, sweet readers!

I wanted to show you this, even though it's a couple months old and not my best work...I was in southern California and had the honor of helping to celebrate my brother's 35th birthday when I bought this cupcake cake pan back in September. I just couldn't resist!

Mind you, I had none of my decorations, tips, bags, gadgets, goodies, etc. I had to wing it on what I could get down there last minute (thanks for your help mom and Mikela!), but I really wanted to make this for him. I tried a recipe that was supposed to be for chocolate cake, but it was very heavy and was more like a really really dense pound cake. Anyhow, he enjoyed it and that is what counts. I love this cupcake pan, though. I'm dying to make another birthday cake with it here in the comfort of my home and all my goodies! If you have a special someone you would like to share a cupcake cake with for a special occasion, let me know! :) I'm game.

Have a great weekend and thanks for checking in :)

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