Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Birthday Bite

Good Morning, Sweet Readers! Are you frightened at what has been created with cupcakes? :) I made these howling werewolves for a dear friend's bday today. She is a huge fan of what she calls "girl's kickin' butt vampire novels" so I made these little beauties with loving thoughts of her. Happy birthday, sweetie!


The Courteous Chihuahua said...

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a hairy monster getting ready to attack....I guess. LOL

I love chocolate fur. (insert howl here)

Kyle Saric said...

woo it was my birthday today too, how awesome! I love this blog so glad I found it :)

Lisa Smiley said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle Saric! Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope your day was a great one!


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