Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cupcake Pull Apart Cake

Hi Sweet Readers!

I wanted to share with you this new cute cupcake pull apart pan that I got last week. I purchased it and got home, just in time to read a fb message that a friend wanted just that for her daughter's birthday cake! Perfect! Her daughter loves lemon, so I did a lemon curd lemon cake with part lemon vanilla buttercream and part vanilla bean buttercream. I did her name and some peace signs on it because it suits her. It's really cool because it breaks up into 12 cuppies without having to cut it. And don't worry, I put enough frosting on the top so those who got the middle pieces didn't get jipped (always a bummer with frosting lovers like myself!).

Enjoy and have a great day!


Awifeofanerd said...

I'm not sure if your still on this, but I have a question for you, a friend of mine found this blog and loved the picture of your cake. For my b/day my mother in law got me all kind of stuff to bake cakes and cupcakes. My friend ask me to try to make her daughters cake for her first b/day and she really likes your cake. I was wondering if I could get some tips on how you made this. I am planning on tomorrow to try to make it on my own, but if I could get some pointers from you that would be great. I hope you are still on this and can help me. Thanks.

Lisa Smiley said...

Thanks for your comment! I used a silicone pull apart pan that I found at Ross or some store like that. It comes with individual little pockets for each "cupcake" so after they are baked you just put it together and frost the top!


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