Monday, March 16, 2009

Mint Chip Brownies with Ganache & Mint Buttercream

Happy Monday, Sweet Readers!

I hope you had restful and wonderful weekend. Here are some cute little mint chip brownies I made for an event at my church on Friday. I topped them with some rich ganache and yummy mint buttercream. To finish them, I used some Andes mint chocolate pieces and gold sugar. On others I used the little shamrock marshmallow from good ole' Lucky Charms cereal. Yes, I actually pilfered through a couple boxes to get the goodies. :) These were very tasty, but I have to say, it was strange eating a brownie like a cupcake. It probably would have done fine without the buttercream, but hey, you've got to live a little, right? At least they were mini! :)

A close up of my "lucky" cuppies...

And the Andes mint ones..


JZ Cakes said...

Hi Lisa! I love your blogs and pics on flikr. Your cupcakes are so gorgeous and yummy looking too. I was wondering where you got that 3 tiered dessert server? I have been looking for one like that - does it collapse? Best, Josie

Lisa Smiley said...

Thanks, JZ Cakes! I got it at Ikea. It does come apart if you take it apart (I had to build it), but I think it's meant to stay built! :)

Emily said...

I scrolled through these photos (drooling on my keyboard, btw) but I had to stop when I noticed the Lucky Charm marshmallows! So cute and creative! I love your blog =)


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