Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Cuppie

Good Morning, Sweet Readers!

Here is a fun little cupcake container that I found while in Southern California earlier this month. I'm going back to get some more because they are just the perfect little thing for a sweet birthday surprise for a friend. I made this filled cuppie for a friend's birthday on Tuesday and made sure not to make it green! I figured she must get a lot of "St. Patrick's dayish" things for her birthday so I wanted to make it all her own (my birthday is in December and I can decorate my home for the holidays with all the wonderful birthday/Christmas items :)

I stamped the tag with a cute little cupcake stamp a friend bought for me-actually, two friends thought of me with the stamp! (thank you both! I have very thoughtful friends:)

Anyhow, enjoy and have a great rest of your week!


bojmom said...

And I can attest that it was delish!!! Thanks for not making it green. :)

Star said...

hey here is a link to a website where you can order cupcake holders!they even sell the 1,4,6,12 cupcake ones too!

Nikki said...

what is the brand name or where did you buy these! they're way cuter than the normal cupcake holders.

Lisa Smiley said...

I bought my single holder at ABC cake decorating in Tustin, CA. Star left a comment above that has some similar ones online! Thanks for looking!!


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