Monday, March 2, 2009

"Low" Hats

Hello Sweet Readers! I just got back from a relaxing weekend of scrapbooking and spending time with some great girlfriends. It was lovely and refreshing and I got soo soo much done! :) I didn't bake, but did bring some yummy treasures I will share with you later this week.

As for now, I wanted to share a very yummy blunder. Lately, people have been asking me if there is anything I make that doesn't turn out well. Uh, Yah! I have many blunders and recipes that just don't turn out the way they should, but I don't post them much because, well, they are usually not very pretty and I like pretty things :) However, given the recent comments and the absolute yumminess of these not-so-beauties, I wanted to post them.

These are my hi hats I made at the end of January. Nope. They are not high, so I renamed them low hats. They were supposed to be hi hats. For those of you who don't know, hi hats are a delicious cupcake concoction. It is basically a very generously frosted cupcake dipped in melted chocolate. They resemble a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. Well, my frosting sank and did not hold under the chocolate because I did not beat it long enough (I was soooo impatient waiting for these cuppies!). So they crashed and I decided to just pour the chocolate over the whole batch. They looked like a disaster, but then I tasted them. Oh my goodness, they were delish! I rarely eat two cupcakes at a time - rarely. But with these, I just HAD to! They were very rich and decadent and I could not stop myself! The cake was rich, moist and very chocolately and the massive amounts of chocolate over the cuppie just did me in. I was in heaven.

So, there ya go. I make mistakes, but sometimes I just use them as a "flopportunity" and enjoy! I even gave some of these away to some friends...they didn't look pretty, but I knew they would like them and they did!

Ok, so I am done blabbing on, but thanks for letting me share my mistakes as well as my successes. I am certain there are more to come!

Have a sweet week!

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