Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yummy Yummy Treasures! Samoa and Coffee/Kahlua/Guiness Cupcakes!

Hi Sweet Readers!

Since it's Girl Scout cookie time, I thought I'd share a couple yummy cookie-like cupcakes with you. I have been dying to make the Samoa cupcake since September and was inspired to just do it when I saw Melody's post over at My Sweet and Saucy. The recipe for the Samoa cupcake is from Chockylit. It's a brown sugar cupcake, topped with ganache, a wonderful coconut butter topping and more ganache. Yum! Oh, and it's filled with caramel. More yum!

The other cuppie is a Dark Chocolate Guiness topped with creamy ganache and the best ever coffee/Kahlua buttercream (thanks, Carrie from Fields of Cake for my new fav buttercream!).

Thanks for checking in!

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