Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Movie Night Cupcakes

Hello Sweet Readers!

In January, I posted some fun popcorn mini cuppies that I made from the very fun "Hello Cupcake" cookbook. Last week, I tried these cute ones from another amazing cookbook called "Little Cakes" (incidentally, Liv Hansen, one of the coauthors of the book, put my cuppies on her blog! http://whimsicalbakehouse.blogspot.com/2009/03/lisas-take-on-our-popcorn-cupcakes.html.) I really like these because of the cute little individual candy shell made by striping candy on a silicone cupcake liner and peeling away the shell. It looks so festive!

The"popcorn" on these cupcakes is not marshmallow, but yummy buttercream with a bit of caramel swirled in. I also colored some of the vanilla buttercream yellow to make it look like the buttered part of the popcorn. The cuppie just sits in the cup ready to eat along with the candy (the paper wrapper is discarded).

I made these for a sweet six year old boy's birthday. They were having a movie themed party and I think these went very well with the candy, hot dogs and even real popcorn!

I have to say, I really had a fun time making these! I was a bit skeptical as to whether the candy shells would work, but they did! Thanks for checking them out and Happy Birthday, Ryder!


jane said...

i love your creativity!! :) i put this and the burger slider cupcakes on my blog b/c i loved it soo much!

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing! At first glance I really thought it was actual popcorn.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I have seen different variations on these cupcakes all over the web. I love them! Thanks for your version. Where did you get those cupcake holders?


Jacqueline said...

I love these cupcakes. How did you make the candy shells and did u use homemade butter cream frosting what's ur recipe???

Anonymous said...

Would love to know ur recipe for the candy shells on the popcorn cupcakes n the frosting recipe!!

Anonymous said...

Could i please have the recipe for your popcorn cupcake candy shell n frosting tips!!!


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